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The China+1 Strategy: How COVID-19 Made Us Think Turkey!

Pixel Ninja SRL |

Hey there, fellow business trailblazers!

Remember those days back in 2020 when it felt like the world’s supply chain just... froze? With China at the heart of global sourcing, the COVID-19 pandemic practically gave every business leader the chills. It’s like that feeling when your computer crashes, and you suddenly realize you haven’t saved your work. Oops.

It was clear: we needed a plan B. And not just any plan B, but something solid, dependable, and smart. Enter the China+1 strategy. But the million-dollar question was: Who's the "+1"?

Hello, Turkey! 🇹🇷
Nestled right between Europe and Asia, Turkey isn’t just a traveler's dream. It’s a logistical paradise. Moving products became less of a chore and more of a breeze with Turkey in the picture.

Quality & Costs - The Perfect Match:
There’s always that fear, right? "If I move from China, will costs skyrocket?" Turkey challenges that fear head-on. Competitive prices? Check. Outstanding quality? Double-check.

Adaptable, Friendly, and Super Skilled:
Turkey’s workforce isn’t just about skills; it's their adaptability that shines. Imagine a team that 'gets' you, no matter where you come from. That’s the Turkish advantage.

Steady Amidst the Storm:
In the unpredictable world of trade and politics, Turkey’s been like that friend who’s got their act together. Reliable and mostly drama-free.

Making Business a Cakewalk:
Turkey’s message to the world? "Come, do business here; we’ve got your back." They’ve been streamlining rules, cutting the red tape, and basically, rolling out the VIP carpet for businesses.

Tradition Meets Modernity:
From lush textiles that tell tales of ancient traditions to a pulse on what’s ‘in’ right now, Turkey’s got this beautiful blend going on.

Now, before I wrap this up, here's a golden nugget for those seriously considering the Turkey pivot:

Meet Supply Level!
Located right in Turkey, Supply Level is your go-to sourcing agency. From finding the right suppliers to navigating local markets, these guys are pros. They don’t just offer services; they offer peace of mind. So, if you're thinking of making Turkey your "+1", Supply Level might just be your best first call.

To wrap this chat up, the China+1 strategy is less about moving away and more about broadening horizons. And from where I stand, the horizon looks particularly beautiful with a Turkish sunset. 😉🌅🌍🤝🇹🇷

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