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Supply Level and Prüfengel Institut Announce Exciting Partnership

Supply Level and Prüfengel Institut Announce Exciting Partnership


Frankfurt, 15 October 2023 – In a groundbreaking move designed to bring unparalleled quality assurance to product sourcing, Supply Level, the leading product sourcing agency connecting businesses to Turkiye's vast manufacturing landscape, proudly announces its partnership with the esteemed Prüfengel Institut.

Navigating the complex world of sourcing just became a whole lot easier and more transparent! This collaboration bridges the gap between the meticulous product testing of Prüfengel Institut and the relentless commitment to quality and ethical sourcing championed by Supply Level.

Why is this partnership such a game-changer?

Supply Level has always taken pride in offering transparent, quality-focused sourcing services. By integrating Prüfengel Institut’s recognized testing procedures into the mix, clients are guaranteed an additional layer of confidence. When you see a product sourced by Supply Level bearing the Prüfengel seal, it's not just a stamp; it's a promise of unmatched quality and integrity.

And here's the cherry on top! To celebrate this collaboration, we're gifting our esteemed clients and partners an exclusive discount. Use the code SUPPLYLEVEL50 and embark on a sourcing journey with the added assurance of Prüfengel Institut’s expertise.

Cihat, the founder of Supply Level, expressed his excitement, "This partnership reinforces our commitment to quality. Our clients trust us to bring them the best from Turkiye, and with Prüfengel Institut by our side, we’re now adding an additional layer of confidence to that promise."

This partnership marks the beginning of a new era in product sourcing – one where quality assurance, ethical standards, and affordable sourcing coalesce to offer businesses an experience that's seamless, trustworthy, and yes, even fun!

For businesses keen on harnessing the combined power of Supply Level's sourcing expertise and Prüfengel Institut’s rigorous testing, now's the time. Dive into Turkiye's manufacturing realm with the added peace of mind, and let's make quality sourcing the standard, not the exception.

About Supply Level Supply Level is a premier product sourcing agency headquartered in Istanbul, offering businesses a gateway to Turkiye's rich manufacturing tapestry. Founded by Cihat in 2021, the company bridges the gap between businesses and Turkiye and Eastern Europe's manufacturing capabilities.

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