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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Do you provide Business Invitation Letter?

Turkey doesnt require visa For touristic and trade purposes for most countries. You are exempt from visa for tourist visits of up to 90 days within 180 days starting from the first entry date. We strongly recommend checking your status on
This is a government portal run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye.

We will issue a business invitation letter if need be.


Do you avail Pickup and Drop Facility for Clients?


Yes, We pick you up from airport at the time of your arrival and drop you to the airport 2 hours before your departure.


Hotel booking Assistance for our clients when in needed?

Accomodation is included in our package.
If you wish to prolong your stay in Turkey, we can always assist with hotel bookings. We have contracted rates with hotels around Turkey that you can benefit from.


Favorable visit Time for Purchasing visits?

Sundays and official holidays are not the best times for visiting manufacturers in Turkey.

Here is the national calendar of all 2023 public holidays for Turkey. The dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.


Date  Day   Holiday

1 Jan Sun    New Year's Day

21 Apr to 23 Apr    Fri to Sun      Ramazan Bayramı Holiday

23 Apr         Sun    Children's Day

1 May          Mon   Labour Day

19 May        Fri       Youth and Sports Day

28 Jun to 1 Jul       Wed to Sat  Kurban Bayramı Holiday

15 Jul Sat     Democracy and National Solidarity Day

30 Aug        Wed  Victory Day

29 Oct         Sun    Republic Day


Visit for the original release.:


How many days visit should be planned?
This depends on how much you want to explore the sector. Usually i recommend at least 4 business days. 4 days will be enough to visit and evaluate at least 7-10 manufacturers.


Tentative Expenses during Stay?

Accomodation & food and visits to manufacturers are covered by the sourcing trip. Pocket Money might be useful for personal expenses. This link might be helpful to discover prices of Daily things in Turkey:


From which Provinces do you avail sourcing?

This very much depends on the sector and your needs. Turkey offers a wide range of products in different regions. For example if you are seeking for carpets, you might waste your time scouting in Istanbul. Your place to go for carpets is Gaziantep. As your dedicated sourcing agent, we will assist you make the best of your visit without losing dollars or time.

If you are seeking for furniture, you seek it in Bursa, Kayseri and Ankara. Elsewhere you either pay higher fee for the same product or you just loose your time!


- Who will make the negotiations?

We assist clients with price negotiation. We know the Turkish business culture and points of negotiation. We negotiate not only prices, but also lead times and quality of goods. We offer full transparancy doing that and you have complete power over it.


- How do i pay for the goods?

Usually between 3 % - 50% when placing the order and the rest when the goods are ready for dispatch. For small orders under 5000 USD, the manufacturer MAY ask for upfront payment at the time of the order.

- What is the mode for Payment for goods? Wire transfer to our company bank account.


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